Our Faith is Not An Emotion (01-19-08)

DelBlog: Our Faith is Not An Emotion

Yesterday was an emotional day for me. I really didn't expect it to be. It just happened.

The lady on the other end of the phone line was telling me that Dad's death certificate was ready to be picked up at the funeral home. But, both of us knew it meant more than that. Not only would I be picking up his death certificate, but I would also receive his cremated remains.

Dad wanted to be "buried" at sea…in the Gulf of Mexico. I will honor that request this summer, after our family gathers together for a delayed memorial service. He loved the ocean, living for many years on the southern coast of Puerto Rico and many more near the Gulf in Harlingen, Texas. He maintained a boat and a little "fishing shack", as he called it, at Port Mansfield. To some extent, this love was a little strange to me. My fondest memories of Dad were growing up in Idaho, hunting and camping in the mountains, fishing for trout in the rivers and creeks of the Sawtooth Range or the Bitterroots, the Blackfoots, or the Lemhi. Only after we left Idaho for Puerto Rico did I begin to learn of his love for the sea. He was a World War II veteran and spent the entire war battling on one south sea island after another. His love for Australia was formed by his time spent near the Great Barrier Reef. ...

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