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Note to Mobile Users: The Online Training program now available for Android! Simply enter the system and it will recognize your Android device.

Sample content videos from the Truth Project DVD set are shown below. If you've already seen these videos, click here to proceed to training.

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An Introductory Message from Jim Daly,
President of Focus on the Family


Please note: The Online Leader Training does not include the content from the actual Truth Project DVD set, which is a 13-hour Biblical worldview program, designed to be shared in a small group setting.

Online Leader Training will prepare you to lead a Truth Project small group, and will enable you to purchase The Truth Project DVD set for your own benefit and that of your small group, if you wish to go forward as a Leader. The videos below provide examples of content from the rich Biblical worldview training in The Truth Project DVD set, as taught by Dr. Del Tackett in a classroom setting.

A link to the Online Leader Training is at the bottom of this page, after the sample clips.

Content Samples from the TTP DVD Set:


The Truth Project Promo Video



Lesson 1: Veritology: What Is Truth? Clip:
“What Takes Us Captive?”



Lesson 7: Sociology: The Divine Imprint Clip:
“Have You Talked to a Chicken Lately?”



Lesson 8: Unio Mystica: Am I Alone? Clip:
“Unio Mystica”



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