Upcoming Events

Focus on the Family's The Truth Project is pleased to announce several upcoming conference and training events. These exciting events are being held throughout the country and are essential for potential small group leaders.

If you have participated in one of these events, or in a small group led by another leader, then you are eligible to lead your own group. Register for the MyTruthProject Support Site to purchase your DVD set if you don't have one already, and you'll also find other resources to help you lead a small group.

Online training is free and has been designed to replace the training events. Get started now.

Local Training Event

None currently scheduled

Partner Training Event

None currently scheduled

Special Event

None currently scheduled

Local Training events are designed for those who are either already committed to leading The Truth Project as a small group or those who aren't quite sure but want to learn more about what to expect. In addition, the agenda focuses on training and vision components, supporting the worldview content. Local Training events are facilitated by The Truth Project staff. Partner Training events are facilitated and trained by the community partner. When registering for a Partner Training event, please register or contact the partner office as indicated.

Each conference session is designed to equip you to facilitate Focus on the Family's DVD-based Christian Worldview lessons. You will be equipped by our Christian worldview team to lead your own small group.

The Truth Project Curriculum is a systematic and comprehensive biblical worldview study that looks at all of life. Conferences will equip you to make a Christ-centered difference on culture by applying God's principles to daily life. See an overview of the lessons.

For more information about Focus on the Family's The Truth Project call (800) A-FAMILY (232-6459) or fill out our contact form.

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