Event Testimonies


"Just a quick note to tell you how blessed I was by the Truth Project teaching provided in Toronto. I am praying for your team and our group as we seek to honor God's direction."

"I attended the project in Toronto last weekend and marveled at our God's amazing timing and sovereignty. The things presented have been exactly where God has had my heart and mind and passion over the past several years ... May God continue to use and bless your efforts. We look forward to using the tool you have provided to engage our small group and get them and us thinking correctly."

"I just finished the conference in Toronto and it was great! Thank you so much for this great project!"

"Wow! That's what I've been saying to everyone. Wow! I don't know exactly what I was expecting when I signed up for the training. I knew it would be informative--something I could offer to our college age members who needed help answering the questions of their friends and teachers, or wives with unbelieving husbands--but Wow. Thank you to Dr. Tackett and the rest of The Truth Project team for opening up this opportunity to take The Truth Project to Canadians ..."


"I just completed the training in Louisville and feel that I have been truly blessed with the opportunity to use these tools to serve God."

"God has moved in my life in a powerful way soon after I returned from the Louisville conference ... The Conference was so much more than I anticipated--just awesome."

"I want to thank Dr. Tackett and all the Truth Project Team for coming to Louisville and to let you all know that the conference was amazing and a powerful blessing to me and, I know, a blessing to all who heard the presentation."


"We just want to thank the Truth Project for coming here to Hawaii and expanding and enhancing our understanding and view of the Bible and Scripture ... We have already begun to spread the word to start our own small group and attempt to help God multiply his mission."

"There are so many things that I would like to tell you, but little space ... I was deeply touched by the fact that a Focus on the Family staff member had been praying for me by name. Thank you for your inspiration."


"We want to thank you for an excellent experience at the Pittsburgh Conference and let you know that we are beginning the Project with our existing small group ..."

"My wife and I attended your local presentation in Pittsburgh. We want you to know that we thought the entire program was done in a manner that would please God very much. The venue was comfortable and hospitable. The programming was interesting, informative, well presented and inspiring ... Needless to say, we are excited, inspired and motivated!"

Salt Lake City

"The impact of The Truth Project Conference in Salt Lake City was enormous. There were 57 local churches and 19 different states represented. This was an event that far exceeded the expectations of the participants."

"I was amazed at how the conference seemed to connect with each one of us, regardless of the vocation we are in. Having the Truth Project in Salt Lake City was a dream-come-true for me. I felt like having the information and heart behind the message was exactly what I needed to hear. Del and his team served and presented Christ's love in all that they did, and I am so thankful for each of them. I totally look forward to what God has in store for our city this Fall as many of us will be leading small groups of our own." -Bonnie

"I attended the Truth Project when it came to Salt Lake City and it is still affecting me several months down the road. Every Monday night I get together with another participant and we watch the video and then have a discussion about that particular lesson. Personally I've become very discerning about the information that comes at me on a daily basis and on a lot of cases I've been able to see the lie before it becomes part of me." -Chad

Orange County

"GOD bless you!!! I just left you in Yorba Linda. Thank you for praying for me this weekend, whomever it was. I will pray for God to work in my life and your ministry. Praise God." - Ken

"I just wanted to thank Dr. Dobson, Dr. Del Tackett, Focus on the Family, and the entire Truth Project team for the incredible work you are doing. My wife, Cathy, and I just participated in The Truth Project training this weekend in Orange County. What an incredible event! I had first heard of the Truth Project more than a year ago and knew I wanted to attend as soon as you came to our region of the country. We were truly moved by the experience and are extremely excited to share the Truth Project with our teenage daughter and a small group we have been hosting in our home for approximately 5 years ... Dr. Del Tackett and The Truth Project team have put together a wonderful program. The quality of the presentation and materials is simply top notch. I congratulate you all on this fine work." -Joe and Cathy

"We were at the Orange County conference. It was great. Del does a fine job. Very enthusiastic. All the up front guys were well prepared. Thank you." -Sally

Kansas City

"I just returned from the Kansas City Truth Project conference. It was remarkable, as I expected, in a life-changing way, which I feared. However, I feel I must point out one piece of erroneous information that was presented by Dr. Tackett, himself: he opened the conference by stating: 'I am not a speaker; I am a teacher.' This is blatantly untrue. He is a master of both." ?Leanne

"Just returned from the KC training. We enjoyed it thoroughly. We are in a small group, which is a LARGE group and about to complete the course. Having Del there in person was such a delight. We were able to see and feel his HEART for this project. Thanks for all you do. We are praying about how God wants us to use this information. A group of us from Springfield, MO that attended will be getting together, praying, and discussing what direction God will take all of us!" - Brad and Karen

"Just a note to thank you so much for this ministry!! We attended the conference in Kansas City and enjoyed it very much! God really spoke to our hearts through you! We have been so excited about this since we heard about it over 6 months ago. Thanks again for putting all this together!! Thanks also for having someone praying for us before and during the conference, as we felt several attacks from the enemy. God Bless you LOTS!!" - Doreen and Darwin


"I just completed the Sacramento seminar and was 'blown away' by the experience. What a wonderful and vital project. I had an 'idea' of what it would be, only to realize that the 'Project' is greater than anything I had envisioned!! Thanks so much for your work, inspiration, creativity, and faithfulness. We will do our very best to implement as you envision and fulfill God's vision. Again, thank you to all who labor in this vineyard. We will pray continuously for you." -David R.

"My husband, my father-in-law and I attended your conference in Roseville, California this past weekend. I cannot begin to tell you how excited we are about this. God has been doing a great work in us personally in regards to applying the Bible to all areas of life. The Truth Project is a confirmation of what God is desiring for His church. My husband and I wanted to get up and shout for joy in the conference. WOW!!!!! God is so incredible. Thank you for listening to His voice and getting this out there. Thank you Dr. Del for your passion to see the mind transformed." -Nicole

San Antonio

"I met you at the conference this past weekend and wanted to write thanking you for spending a few moments with me ... I teach a worldview class to 10th graders ... I am planning on using The Truth Project with my students before the end of the school year. I am taking the advice given over the weekend and am going to work through the material myself first. I plan to let you know how my students are responding."

"Greetings from Austin, Texas. It was good to meet you in San Antonio. Congratulations on a well run event and all the details which came together so well. May our Lord bless you and The Truth Project team as you serve Him."


"My husband and I attended The Truth Project conference in Anchorage.What an amazing experience! For a long time now, I have felt a keen dread as one might feel on a sinking ship. American Christianity seemed to be that ship ... What a transforming weekend! ... Instead of feeling like we're on a sinking ship, my family and I are preparing to use these tools and allow God to work in our lives to help transform the ship of America's Christian Body. Keep it up! You are an answer to prayer!" -Leslie

"We all enjoyed the seminar immensely. It was very encouraging to see how the message and tenor of the seminar dovetails with what God has been doing at our church. Our life coaches are very excited about diving into the DVDs and preparing for leading others through the experience."


"I wish to thank Del and all of the other people who made the Orlando meeting a very wonderful experience. I appreciate what went into all of the training materials with respect to time, cost, sacrifice and above all, prayer. Thank you all. I expect to start our first group in the next few months and see where God will take it from there. This project has been added to our prayer list in my prayer group at work."

"Thank you for a phenomenal training event. What a privilege it was to experience biblical teaching in a cutting-edge presentation. I teach a Sunday school class and two Bible studies each week, but I don't often have the opportunity to be taught the Word. What a thrill it is to watch the DVDs and remember the 'in person' training time ... Thank you, Dr. Tackett and the whole team. I am looking forward to training more leaders who can share the truth."

Washington, D.C.

"I wanted to tell you that my husband and I just attended your seminar in Washington, D.C.! It was a great experience and a job well done! Thank you. Del's humble expertise comes through and is very well appreciated. My husband and I teach several classes in our church and value Del's style! We will be praying about 'who, when, and where' concerning this great opportunity! Thank you for being open to the Spirit's leading!"

"Del Tackett bowled us over in D.C.!!! It was quite apparent to my wife and me that God is mightily using him and the others to carry out an important mission here in the U.S. -- to get God's people back in touch with the TRUTH, with GOD, and our savior JESUS; to ignite our passion for the HOLY SPIRIT that lives within us to in turn lead us on our own separate missions ... we've never felt so alive, so grateful, so energized!!!"


"I just wanted to take a moment and thank ya'll for coming to Atlanta this weekend. It was very meaningful to me and my wife. We're looking forward to how God is going to transform our lives and those He's given us to shepherd. We're praying and planning toward beginning this study ... with our existing home fellowship group. I see great potential for multiplying this throughout our church and community. God bless you as you continue to follow His calling on your lives."

"My husband and I recently attended your Atlanta conference and all we can say is WOW! It was so refreshing to hear Del talk about Christian worldview in such a professional way! He helped explain some things that showed us why the Lord may be making specific changes in our lives. We look so forward to continuing to study this program, praying for you all, and praying for God's direction for us with this material. May the Lord God bless you and your willingness to bring this to the public!"


"I attended the Boston event with my friend and we really enjoyed it. Dr. Tackett is a great teacher and everyone did a great job. Thank you!"

"The presentation in Boston was wonderful and definitely worth my 12 hour round-trip drive!"

"My wife and I went through the training session this past weekend in Boston. It was fabulous -- great job!"

"I just want to say THANK YOU! My husband and I just got back from The Truth Project in Boston and it was so much more than what we thought it could be. We drove down from Canada to go and we were not disappointed. We are so excited to begin this in our home city. It's the passion that we have both talked about as we watch our churches and fellow believers around us. Now we have tools to help in spreading this truth to other believers."

"Thank you for the recent seminar in Boston. We were blessed very much."


"My wife and I attended The Truth Project conference in the Seattle area this past weekend and it has been a life changer already. What an amazing conference. We are so pumped up and excited to see what God is going to do for us and others with this series. Thank you, thank you, thank you. God is truly amazing to have brought us The Truth Project."

"I am from Marin County (north of San Francisco) and I just came back from the Seattle conference and was blessed and encouraged tremendously."

"The quality is excellent and is faithful to Scripture. Thanks to Del and everyone at Focus on the Family for producing this series."

"My wife and I just returned from the conference in Seattle. For quite some time, God has been moving in both our hearts that we needed to engage and combat the destructive culture that seems to be overwhelming our children. Dr. Del Tackett's teaching is an invaluable resource in answering the cultural challenges both we and our children face. It was great! We thank you and pray that God will multiply this around the world."

"I just attended your Seattle conference - all I can say is Wow! I live in Shanghai China and I am very excited to take this back with me and start making a difference!"

Colorado Springs

"My reaction was 'Wow! Here I am Lord, send me!' If everyone who attends these conferences is as pumped as I am there could be, God willing, true revival ..." -J.D.

"What I experienced was as great as I had expected! I can see why it makes a difference to be there live and grasp the vision of the project." -Event attendee

"I have been waiting for 30 years for The Truth Project. That many years ago I was a confused college student ... Many of the theories in psychology conflicted directly with my faith. Looking for answers, I traveled to Dr. Francis Schaeffer at L'Abri ... Dr. Tackett has not only picked up his work, but has expanded it and made it available for the common man. Thank you, Focus and Dr. Tackett, for what you are doing." -Marc

Rockford, Illinois

"I had the privilege of attending at Rockford and was instructed, inspired and convicted. The work you have done offers an immeasurable help to me, both in my work and my walk."

"Del is an excellent teacher and his passion clearly shows in his presentations. I've never known someone to have such a thorough 'handle' on the whole picture of truth issues and of the Bible ... and be able to explain it so clearly and in lay terms." -Marilyn

"Thank you so much for the wonderful training conference. I was very impressed with how well it was laid out, the intense training that was done, and the deep awe for the Lord that it built in the participants and the teachers!" -Gabriella

Charlotte, North Carolina

"Awesome! Everything I expected and more! I look forward to what this all means and being a 'stepping stone' in the process with you." -Craig

"I was in Charlotte last weekend for The Truth Project. What an amazing experience ... God truly met with us and planted seeds for future harvesting. I have already started working through the material in preparation for leading a group this fall and am very excited about what it is doing within my own heart and mind." -Jeff

"I've already shown the promo DVD to two groups of parents and a group of high school students. They instantly committed to attending one of my Truth Project classes." -Dave

"Wow! I just got home from Charlotte and the first Truth Project training conference ... It was wonderful. Dr. Tackett's passion was obvious and I am excited about what God is going to do. I was amazed and encouraged at the distances folks traveled to attend! Praise the Lord. I'm looking forward to partnering with you for this world-changing opportunity! God bless!" -Sally

"The training and DVD materials are excellent! I've been teaching biblical worldview classes for the last few years ... and I can safely say that The Truth Project content is the best out there." -Charlotte, North Carolina, event attendee

"My wife and I attended the Charlotte conference this past weekend. We have been praying for about two years that God would bring about a revival in our home, church, community and our nation. We did not believe it needed to be a one day or one week type activity, but a fundamental change in the way we present the truths of God's Word. We believe this is what you have begun." -Charlotte, North Carolina, event attendee

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